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Focus, focus, focus

The most important lesson I've learned to date as a new Affiliate Marketer is to focus on one training before hopping all around the internet trying to figure out how you can get going faster and faster.

By now, I'm not just wanting to train in internet marketing to increase my charity's donations. I became hooked on starting new income streams in my life with all the skills and knowledge I was obtaining.

In my opinion, people who can say 'no' and keep their pocketbook closed have an advantage over me. I was like a young person with a new credit card on a huge shopping spree but no thought as to how they would pay for these purchases. These extra trainings and software purchases didn't bankrupt my finances, but it put me in a tailspin of stress. Everyone from the trusted experts I had trusted with my initial training to others with competing businesses, were bombarding me with sales pitches and videos that were hooking me like the big bass in the lake.

My advice is to spend a bit of time looking through the Affiliate Marketing trainings and find one you want to follow. Realize that there are so many free training videos on YouTube. Free training videos however give you just enough knowledge of an area of Affiliate Marketing you might have never thought of before but not enough detail to teach you how to actually use the idea in real life. They all end with an offer to purchase more training or a new shiny piece of software that will ease the task. If you're fortunate enough to find the right expert, they will provide real training and free tools that WILL provide you with a clear path to success and commission earnings.

One such expert is Anthony Morrison. Yes, Anthony sells many Affiliate Marketing training courses and several great software packages. Like many of the other experts, he has proof of his success that he willingly provides in the videos and articles. What sets him apart from the other experts is his weekly FREE Success Connection training. Every Thursday evening at 9 pm EST, Anthony opens up an online training to as many students as he can get into the session that is run like a webinar. Each Thursday he show the participants how to build one aspect of their own Affiliate business. He also spends a lot of time imparting the life knowledge he's learned in this business and in his life. After the sessions, he shares an online website providing free copies of the actual sales funnels, email swipes, product images, ad copy, free eBooks, and webinars from several hours, many of which were covered in that evening's training.

The Success Connection is phenomenal and Anthony Morrison is providing a great service to all the Affiliate Marketer beginners. Request to join the Facebook group for Success Connection and sit in on the training sessions. You won't be sorry.

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